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Professional Home Inspections For A Reasonable Price

Professional home inspections provide invaluable peace of mind for homeowners, offering a comprehensive assessment of a property’s condition. Conducted by skilled inspectors, these evaluations cover crucial aspects such as structural integrity, electrical systems, plumbing, and more.

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A buyer’s home inspection includes a visual examination of the following components. You will receive a full inspection report within 24 hours.

Professional Home Inspection Services in Greater Denver Area

Pre-Listing Inspection

A pre-listing home inspection service is a home inspection that is performed before a property is put up for sale. This type of inspection helps sellers identify any potential problems with the property so that they can address them before putting it on the market.

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New Construction Inspection

A new construction home inspection service is a type of inspection that is carried out on brand new homes. A home inspector will visit the property and inspect all the major components of the home, including the roof, walls, plumbing, and electrical systems.

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11th Month Warranty Inspection

A home inspection service that is conducted on new construction home before the warranty expires is done 11 months after the home has been built. This inspection checks for any problems or issues that may have arisen since the home was first built.

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WDO/Termite Inspection

A wood-destroying insect inspection is an inspection to look for evidence of wood-destroying insects, such as termites. This type of inspection is important for both buyers and sellers, as it will identify potential problems with the property that need to be addressed.

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Mold Inspection

A mold inspection and testing service is used to inspect a home for mold. This service will usually involve taking samples of the mold in the home and testing them to see if they are dangerous. This service is helpful for people who are worried that they may have a mold problem in their home.

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Radon Testing

Radon testing is the process of measuring the levels of radon gas in a home. Radon is a naturally occurring gas that is produced by the decay of uranium. It is odorless, colorless, and tasteless, and can only be detected with special equipment. High levels of radon are dangerous to your health, so it’s important to test for it if you’re buying or selling a home.

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Cutting-Edge Technology for Home Inspections

Utilizing infrared cameras, drones, moisture meters, and other advanced gadgets, We delve deep into every nook and cranny of a property. These tools enable me to uncover hidden issues such as moisture intrusion, electrical hotspots, and insulation gaps, providing clients with a detailed report of their home’s condition.


Infrared Thermal Camera


RC Crawlspace Crawler


DJI Aerial Drone


Radon Testing Equipment


Moisture Meter


4K Sewer Camera

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